Monday, March 21, 2016

March 21, 2016

Hey now. It's almost 2 years later. I have finished many projects in the meantime. Maybe I will post some pictures later on, but right now it is enough to say, I've made sweaters and hats and socks and blankets.

My husband has stage 4 lung cancer and I seem to have a lot of time on my hands for knitting, crafting.

So much goes on in a person's life in 2 years.

I will try to post pictures in order going backwards.

Number 1:

Frost Hat, by Irina Dmitrieva Designs on

I have knit 3 of her hat patterns and love everyone of them.  The patterns turn out beautiful and are easy enough for me to make them.

I love the designs in them also. This hat is for my son Zach. I show him other patterns next to one of Irina's patterns and he picks Irina's every time. More info. I used Lion Brand Yarns, Heartland in Great Smokey Mountains colorway. I used the needle sizes recommended in pattern. And stopped doing the knit and purl row between the pattern rows for maybe the last 4 rows becsuse it looked like it was already plenty tall enough for his head. I love the way it turned out and so does he.

I finished this hat on Friday and gave it to my son on Saturday(3/18-3/19) A little late for this winter, but in plenty of time for next. The question is: Am I behind or way ahead?

Tomorrow, maybe I will post the picture of whatever, I made before that. I will have to check first to see what it was. I feel bad, though, because I know that I have not taken pictures of everything. So some things, I will just tell you what the pattern is and you can look up pattern on Ravelry or wherever.

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